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Beacon Player

iBeacon CMS platform

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Beacon Player is a content management app for handling iBeacons and their associated content.
It's simple: whenever you approach a beacon, the appropriate media content is triggered and loaded to your mobilephone! In a few quick steps everything is fully configured.

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How to?

These instructions will teach you how to configure your beacons and also how to test them!
Further we will show you how you can apply them to a real world application.

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Before you start!

You need beacons!

Get beacons!
Currently only beacons of the iBeacons format are supported by our platform. If you don’t have any beacons yet, consider buying an evaluation kit from the webstore at Choosing to buy your beacons through the beaconplayer store makes sure you can have fun right away, as they are shipped preconfigured for the BeaconPlayer!

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Download app

Install the BeaconPlayer App on your Android Device, iPhone or iPad.
Please make sure your Phone supports Bluetooth Smart (4.0).


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Sign up for a free account on to use the BeaconPlayer App along with your beacons.

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